2020-2021 1st Anniversary Impact Report

Scroll through to see our accomplishments in our first year!

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Alameda County Commendation
We are extremely grateful for the support and encouragement we receive from leaders in our community.
Check out these pictures from our Alameda County Commendation Ceremony! 

Menstrual Health Presentations and Letters
Check out one of our menstrual health lessons conducted in Irvington High School health classes as well as
some of the letters they've written for local legislators to advocate for menstrual equity!


SAPP now offers menstrual health lessons in schools and guest speaker settings, giving an in-depth presentation about maintaining menstrual health and educating the devastating effects of period poverty in our communities. Through these menstrual health lessons we also instruct students to write up letters advocating for menstrual equity, sending the menstrual health letters to our local elected officials so they, too, can hear what your students have to say on this matter.

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