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Fundraiser Challenge!! 

Welcome to SAPP's first Fundraising Challenge! Join and contribute to our mission to spread awareness, de-stigmatize menstruation, and alleviate period poverty!! Fundraising campaigns can include raising funds, spreading awareness, or simply informing others about this issue! 75% of proceeds will go to purchase menstrual hygiene products to communities in need and the other 25% will be donated to various educational initiatives and awareness campaigns for menstrual health. Find out more below!!  


We are a student-run, SF Bay Area-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 85-1153557) that aspires to make menstrual products readily available and accessible for impoverished menstruators. Our mission is to alleviate period poverty through education, service, and advocacy, one menstruator at a time.

We are also a Presidential Service Volunteer Award certifying organization! Join our volunteer programs to earn the highest level of community service awards.

2020-2021 1st Anniversary Impact Report


Menstrual Health Presentation & Letters

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