Committed to the Cause



A junior at Irvington High, I am SAPP’s CEO and advisory board member.  I can’t wait to see how many menstruators we can impact and how big our nonprofit will grow. I knew to start up a nonprofit would not only fulfill my passion to help people struggling in their daily lives but also make a difference in the community in the name of my mother, who had to choose between her personal health and food on the table every day. SAPP is not just a movement I’m proud to be a part of, but it’s also something I actively enjoy and look forward to on a daily basis. 




I’ll be a junior at IHS for the 2020-21 year. I’m the Co-CEO of SAPP and on the advisory board, meaning that I take on a managerial role of assigning tasks and checking progress. Helping those who are financially struggling get back on their feet has always been a passion of mine, but I realize that there’s not much I can do on my own. With my team of friends, I hope to make a dent in the issue and encourage others to do the same.


Executive Director


I am the president & advisory board member, I take on a managerial role of assigning tasks and checking in on progress. I will be a junior in the coming year at Irvington High School, Period poverty and lack of access to menstruation supplies is a major problem in our country, and is sorely lacking the attention it deserves. SAPP brings a more localized approach to combating this issue, by forming direct alliances with local shelters to aid women who may not have access to necessary supplies. I am proud to be a member of this important movement to combat period poverty in our communities.


Chief Marketing Officer


I will be a junior at Irvington High School next year! I’m really passionate about social justice for marginalized groups, and that’s why I love SAPP, because we have a direct impact on these communities. I’m the Chief Marketing Officer and a part of the publicity team at SAPP (I run the Instagram page with Chloe!) and love math, computer science, and graphic design. 


Public Relations Officer


I’m the Chief Communications Officer and part of the publicity team with Tanvi. When I first learned about period poverty, I thought it was a problem that only affected third-world countries, so it was shocking to find out this issue affects people everywhere, including our own community. I joined SAPP in order to make a difference in our community with like-minded people. I want to remind everybody that if you are not personally affected by this problem, use your privilege to  help those who are by donating, volunteering, spreading awareness, etc. :) When I’m not working with my fellow period activists, I like to play piano, edit videos, and dye my hair. 


Marketing & Social Media Officer

I will be a junior at Irvington High School for 2020-21, and I love to cook. I am a coordinator and the Chief Technology Officer and SAPP is amazing as we are a close-knit community helping deal with a pressing problem.


Chief Financial Officer


A junior at Irvington high, I am the Chief Financial Officer of SAPP. I joined SAPP because I wanted to shed light on this issue that affects dozens of people, but is still not commonly talked about in our society. When I first heard about this problem, I was shocked by how severe it was. From there, my curiosity led me to help with the start up of SAPP. By becoming a part of this nonprofit, not only can I help educate the community about what they can do to help, I can also help aid those who are in need. 


Financial officer


I’m the treasurer of SAPP. I’ll be a junior at Irvington this coming year and joined SAPP in order to give this problem the attention it deserves. SAPP, while starting at the local level, will hopefully grow in order to reach more people affected. I’m proud to be a member of this community and I look forward to working with those of you who will join us in the future :))))


Growth & Partnership Director

A junior at Irvington High School this year. At SAPP, I am the secretary and also a coordinator with Mihir. I've always had a passion for social issues such as period poverty, and SAPP gives me the perfect platform to create change in the community. Through SAPP, I hope we can take steps to ensure everyone has the period essentials they need and to reduce the taboo around menstruation.


Supply Officer


A junior attending Irvington High School. I’m a Supply Officer here at SAPP along with Uyen and Karen. I am so proud to be part of this incredible nonprofit aiming to ease period poverty for people who menstruate across the nation. I love that my position here allows me to both interact with my community as well as create change together on a wider scale.


Supply Officer

A sophomore at Irvington High School. Here at SAPP, I’m a supply officer, along with Uyen and Colleen. We help the SAPP executive team with collecting and organizing donations that we receive. I especially love my position, since I can be hands-on, and make positive strides by being the liaison between my community and this organization. In addition, due to SAPP being a student-run organization, I’m able to learn and use the skills I gain to provide even more towards our community.


Supply Officer

A junior at Irvington High School. I am a Supply Officer at SAPP, along with Colleen and Karen. Period Poverty is an overlooked issue and I love that organizations, like SAPP, are working to help women who don’t have the privilege to buy menstrual products such as pads, tampons, and etc. I love giving back to the community and I’m grateful that we have an amazing student-run nonprofit organization that strives to help others. 


Technology Officer

A junior at Irvington High School. I’m a Tech Officer here at SAPP, along with Tvisha. There’s a staggeringly high amount of women who are deprived of menstrual products, whether they are in impoverished areas or not, and to be a part of an organization that actively combats this issue as well as SAPP makes me all the more determined to help make a difference in any way that I can :))


Technology Officer


I am an incoming freshmen at Milpitas High School, and a tech officer for SAPP with Yousuf. When I first joined SAPP to volunteer, I was shocked about the lack of attention and awareness such a major issue has. Period poverty is a global dilemma that I wanted to take a step towards preventing. Working with SAPP gave me an opportunity to apply basic tech to build up on a public awareness aspect of this issue, and I am glad to be part of this journey!!


Communications Officer

Hello! My name is Christina Yang and I am a current senior at Irvington High School. I am serving as your communications officer this year at SAPP. Once I did some research for my QUEST project on period poverty, I was astonished at how the issue is not being talked about more and that so many groups are disproportionately affected. By being part of SAPP, I hope to spread the word and help lessen the issue through donation drives and simply writing about it online. Feel free to reach out with questions on my Instagram @_cyang527!!