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SAPP donations are collected and used in our fight to end period poverty across the world. SAPP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 851153557). All your donations are fully tax-deductible. Donate today.

Put Free, Accessible Menstrual Products in FUSD School Bathrooms

Period poverty, has been a highly pressing issue in our Fremont community, especially with the detrimental effects of the pandemic.

Fremont Unified School District is simply not doing enough about it. Let's ensure that ALL MENSTRUATORS within the Fremont Unified School District will never again have to worry about accessing menstrual products. 

And the power to end period poverty within FUSD starts with you. Start now. 

 Menstrual Hygiene Products Donation Drive

One of the many ways you can help out is by donating menstrual care products such as the ones given in the list below:

  • Tissues                  

  • Small water bottle

  • Baby Wipes

  • Socks/Gloves

  • Body Wash/Shampoo

  • Sunscreen

  • Bandaids

  • Towel

  • Packaged Tea Bags

  • Lotion

  • Comb/Brush

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Masks

  • Chapstick

  • Mints/Cough Drops

  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste

  • Hand Warmers

  • Other toiletries

Donation Drive in partnership with Amazon 


You can support us by adding SAPP as your preferred charity on Amazon Smile. Every time you shop, 0.5% of your eligible purchases will be donated to us from Amazon. 


You can even contribute to our donation drive. Check out our wishlist on Amazon

Donation Drive

Create Awareness

Period poverty remains a tabooed topic to talk about today, and surprisingly, despite being such an impactful issue, has not been given the attention it needs. It is up to us to make sure this changes. While it simply seems to concern menstruators' hygiene, period poverty holds domino effects on menstruators' educations and health. This is an issue that hinders underprivileged menstruators from living their lives without worry for when they will have to stay home next. Spread the word, and help end this problem for menstruators around the world. It all begins with you.

Amazon Wishlist
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