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SAPP Cupertino


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Serving the Californian cities of Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, and surrounding.




As the director of SAPP Cupertino, I oversee all of our branch’s programs and officers as well as make executive decisions. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to fight against period poverty through SAPP, as I firmly believe that access to period products, basic sanitation services, and more, is a right and not a luxury. When I’m not fighting period poverty, I love reading fiction and watching Netflix.


Publicity Officer


As the publicity officer of SAPP Cupertino, I handle our social media platforms and help plan events to raise awareness and promote our organization. I used to think that period poverty only affected poor countries. I was surprised to see that it affects many people in our community as well, which is why I joined SAPP. In my free time, I cook for my family and friends, watch TV shows on Netflix, and catch up on TikTok.




As the advisor of SAPP Cupertino, I oversee our branch’s volunteers and supply officers as well as answer any questions they might have. When I first joined SAPP, I thought I would regret it since there was so much work on top of school. However, after learning more about period poverty and how widespread the issue is, I feel it is truly a blessing that I am able to work with such skilled and hardworking peers to give back to our community! In my free time, I like to play video games, browse through TikTok, and cook for my family.


Art Director


As the art director of SAPP Cupertino I am responsible for art projects regarding fundraising or media campaigns and designing flyers and posters for our branch’s social media. I decided to join SAPP because I believe that period poverty is an issue that needs to be addressed. By being the art director I am able to spread awareness about period poverty through different visuals. In my free time, I read, draw, and take walks at the beach.




As the treasurer for SAPP Cupertino, I manage our budget and expenses as well as raise funds for our various programs. I thought period poverty was a very interesting issue as I hadn’t heard about it despite period poverty being so widespread. SAPP provided me with a great opportunity to inform more people in my community about the issue with an amazing team. In my free time. I enjoy reading mystery novels, scrolling through Twitter, and attempting to bake.




As the coordinator for SAPP Cupertino, I hold the responsibility of coordinating with organizations and send biweekly updates to our volunteers. In addition, I have had a passion for art since the beginning of my childhood and I contribute some of my skills by assisting the art director, Ellie, on her projects and managing the Design Officer Team. I have recently been taking advantage of my leisure time by teaching myself how to play the guitar and the basics of professional photography or binge-watching shows on Netflix. Like some of the other officers on this team, I want to raise awareness about this obscure issue than any other communityconcern. SAPP gives me the opportunity to contribute to society without feeling like my efforts are extraneous or unrewarding.




As the secretary for SAPP Cupertino, I am in charge of coordinating all of our team meetings and planning when to have any events we want to have. Before I joined SAPP, I was not aware that millions of women experience period poverty around the world. I joined this team to help educate others about this crisis and to help those who experience period poverty. In my free time, I like to play guitar and run with my Cross Country team.


Publicity Officer


As a publicity officer for SAPP Cupertino, I regulate our social media pages and plan events online as well as come up with ways to promote our organization and publicize the issue of period poverty. I decided to join SAPP because I thought it was unfortunate that there were so many people who suffer from period poverty in our community and throughout the world, and I wanted to aid those in need. In my free time, I usually watch Netflix, hang out with my friends, and bake.

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