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SAPP Milpitas

Join Us in Our Summer Long Product Drive

July 10th - September 30th, 2021

If you wish to order items from our Amazon wishlist and have them shipped to us directly, you can scan the qr code in the third picture or go to the link below it.

There is also the choice of having us pick up your donations if you email us at or text us at (510)-371-5565

Volunteer Form Coming Soon!

Join us for our 4th Donation Drive

Our Next Cappit due date:

July 17 2021.

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Meet Our Team


Regional Director


I believe that period poverty is a pressing issue in our world, however it is also a dilemma that not many people are aware of. Due to this, people around the world continue to struggle, and as one of the leaders of the organization, I hope to impact the community through our actions! As regional director, I monitor the goals set for our chapter to make others aware of the severity of this issue, through fundraising, events, and donation drives.

"Access to menstrual & hygiene products is a right , not a luxury"




I am passionate about period poverty as well as the severe issues facing people with periods. Period poverty is not as normalized of a topic as it should be and my hopes are that through this club, I can help spread awareness about this issue. I am excited to serve as a member of this club and hope to spread more awareness about period poverty! Through my role as Publicity, I use social platforms such as our instagram to spread awareness of facts surrounding period poverty, as well as help others understand how they can make a difference!


Treasurer/Grants Coordinator


Being an officer in this amazing organization, allows me to contribute to the major goal of alleviating severe period poverty problems


Publicity Officer


When first learning about period poverty I was surprised to find out how many people were affected by this issue and how little people actually knew about it. I hope to change this in our community by informing more people through this organization and also help those affected by this issue receive the resources they need to combat it. As the publicity officer for SAPP Milpitas, I manage the posts that go out on our social media platforms and come up with ideas to have more people educated about this issue.​​


Events Coordinator


Period poverty is a major issue that people must be informed about. We all have the power inside to help these people in need.

A Glimpse from our Donation Drives

Thanks to our dedicated CAPP-IT volunteers, our chapter has been able to donate 400+ care packages to many shelters around the bay area who kindly distribute them to menstruators in need.

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