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January 29th 2021.

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Meet Our Team


Regional Director


I believe that period poverty is a pressing issue in our world, however it is also a dilemma that not many people are aware of. Due to this, people around the world continue to struggle, and as one of the leaders of the organization, I hope to impact the community through our actions! As regional director, I monitor the goals set for our chapter to make others aware of the severity of this issue, through fundraising, events, and donation drives.

"Access to menstrual & hygiene products is a right , not a luxury"


Secretary/Publicity Officer


I am passionate about period poverty as well as the severe issues facing people with periods. Period poverty is not as normalized of a topic as it should be and my hopes are that through this club, I can help spread awareness about this issue. I am excited to serve as a member of this club and hope to spread more awareness about period poverty! Through my role as Publicity, I use social platforms such as our instagram to spread awareness of facts surrounding period poverty, as well as help others understand how they can make a difference!



We started this chapter to spread awareness about an issue that many people are affected by. I hope to make a change in the community in a positive way and help out as much as I can! Through my role as an officer for SAPP, I help plan events to engage with the public and inform them about the causes we fight for, as well as express the importance of fighting for this cause through a variety of fundraisers, workshops, and more!

Glimpse from our 1st Donation Drive

Thanks to our volunteers from the 1st round of CAPP-IT, we had our 1st donation drive just before the 2020 holidays @Tri Valley Haven & San Jose Family Shelter.

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